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Philadelphia, PA (August 29, 2023)AtlasGuru, a premier user-generated content (UGC) travel content platform, introduces its latest innovation, Itinerary AI by AtlasGuru, which combines the advances in AI with the human touch from the travel community. This groundbreaking platform redefines travel planning by using the human-created itineraries on AtlasGuru to fuel AI-generative trip plans, creating better quality itineraries than AI can do alone and giving travelers the option to view the source itineraries used to create the AI-generated trip plan.  

"Itinerary AI stands at the crossroads of technology and human passion," affirms Kim Bennett, Founder and CEO of AtlasGuru. "Our platform isn't just about destinations; it's about authentic storytelling and creating lasting memories and to share with other travelers. In a world where technology often replaces human touch, Itinerary AI bridges the gap.” 

Distinctive Elements of AtlasGuru’s Itinerary AI include:

  • Human Connection:  Itinerary AI’s innovation lies in its ability to blend artificial intelligence using OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, with a human touch by incorporating travel stories from AtlasGuru’s database of over 500+ travel contributors. The source itineraries used to power the AI are displayed as part of the AI-generated trip plan. It understands the emotional nuances of travel and offers suggestions that resonate with the user on a personal level.
  • Contextually Rich Interface:  Itinerary AI’s interface goes beyond the ordinary, intuitively understanding user preferences and context, ensuring recommendations are easy to understand and tailored to each traveler's unique journey.
  • Free Personalized Itineraries:  AtlasGuru is a free travel publishing platform featuring a community of 500+ avid travelers who share itineraries and travel tips.  Now, Itinerary AI seamlessly integrates into AtlasGuru’s human expertise and uses artificial intelligence to empower travelers to easily craft personalized adventures, enriching the collective tapestry of global exploration. 

To learn more about Itinerary AI and join the movement that is reshaping the travel landscape, please visit The cutting-edge tool will be available on the homepage of AtlasGuru's website for user's ease of reference. 

About Itinerary AI: In August 2023, AtlasGuru is launching a new generative AI tool called Itinerary AI. Leveraging the power of generative AI,  Itinerary AI will revolutionize the landscape of travel planning by harnessing the vast collection of user-generated content (UGC) from AtlasGuru's extensive database. This cutting-edge tool promises to shape the future of travel by providing travelers with personalized recommendations, and inspiring itineraries, derived from generative AI and the collective wisdom of our passionate community.

About AtlasGuru: Launched in 2019, AtlasGuru is a premier travel content platform featuring a community of avid travelers who share itineraries and expert travel tips. Currently, the platform features over 800 itineraries spanning across 125 countries and featuring over 500 contributors. To learn more, please visit on the web, or on social media at @AtlasGuru on Instagram, Threads, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Media Contact: Nicole Weiss | NJW PR Inc. |

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